Under the premise of meeting the ventilation and moving line, the design of this case has many large areas of floor glass facing the nature to ensure the integrity of the outdoor landscape as far as possible without too much occlusion.

The porch of the gate is facing the living room. The transparent glass cover is suspended in the air. Combined with the simple and modern combination chandelier inside, and the fireplace fire created by the humidifier below, the whole living room creates a looming atmosphere.

The large dark style customized picture on the left seems to describe the owner's preference and personality. A large area of fish bellied white marble floor on the first floor will make the whole space appear larger. The restaurant bar area with retro herringbone parquet floor will make the space much warmer.

The combination of wood grating and French lines on the wall surface and some soft lamps with champagne metal texture perfectly reflects the gentle beauty of women, the natural warmth of wood texture, the soft beauty of French line carving and the advanced feeling of champagne metal. The gray pink main background wall on the second floor with French carving shows the elegance and personality of the hostess.