Jemo designer Sophie Yuan's work ( inWe tea Hangzhou Kerry Center store) won the gold medal of the fourth Chinese home building space design summit in 2016

11.27-11.90, JemoDesign designer SophieYuan personally made inWe tea, Hangzhou Jia center shop,won the gold medal in China "build space" Design Summit.

Jemo designer Sophie Yunan's work ( xiao yang swimming club) won the 2017 The Golden Award for the design of "Alshe Award" in the Fifth China Architectural decoration industry


The fifth "Ai she prize" design takes the theme of "shaping the beauty of space and passing the design value". Jemo is honored to be able to stand out in this activity design.

Cambio Coffee designed and constructed by Jemo

The news have been spread like wildfire, in "Smartshanghai", "Cityweekend", or even on "that’s shanghai", "Chinadaily"... Everybody in town talks about Cambio Coffee!

You can find ​them here:  861 Jiangning Lu,  close to Haifang Lu

And to have more information, just visit their e-shop !

Jemo cooperate with  ZIroom in Design Shanghai 2017

3.08-3.11, Jemo Design cooperate with ZIroom in Design Shanghai 2017. 2 days / 4  showrooms / 22truss / 107 soft outfits / 436 ribbons, Jemo made  the "color maze" for ZIroom, while fully show its four products —— “自如友家”、自如民宿”、“自如寓"、"自如驿"。

Jemo & inWE cooperate again in Design Shanghai 2017

3.8-3.11Jemo & inWE cooperate again in Design Shanghai 2017. 

Design Concept started from its new logo, a drip in the water, the best tea always made by best water on the mountain, by a modern way to let the visitors experience the procedure to get a cup of good tea by great service to show the strong brand identity.

Design Shang​hai 2016

InWe designed by Jemo was present for the Edition 2016 of Design Shanghaï. It was such a great success and it has been amazing to make this stand a reality!