Shang hai,China

This logo design graphic first starts from the SORA CLUB itself, extracts the first letters of the two words, and makes them form the mark of the brand, which better integrates with the brand. This design hopes to convey a young mindset through the logo. The shape of the letter "S" is a swan's stick figure, meaning that the brand is eternal like a swan. The two "S" form a heart shape, which means that the girl is constantly pursuing self-love and hopes that her own value is discovered by everyone. Under the secular blow, they still optimistically and actively make them happy by themselves, enjoy life, and pursue design and tonality. Finally, from a "pure, dreamy, and some unscrupulous little sexy princess" tonality and combined with English fonts, I hope young consumers can find themselves here, find their favorite color, let every woman Can have an irresistible charm, over the color makeup to enlarge the personality, will be beautiful into the end.