Full garden peach color, a gentle push, diffuse the whole piece of air.

The design of this case is mainly based on the pink and blue-gray system. The whole space is dominated by girls.

In the living room, the high-quality plaster and white lacquer cabinet are decorated with metal, and . the elevated cabinet on the background wall looks exquisite and luxurious  with custom pottery products, which reflects the delicate life of girls around the world. The decorative painting with blue-green tones goes into the whole space, breaking up the warm pink tone and balancing the whole space atmosphere.

The bedroom, also with the high-grade blue gray walls and large mirror with the fine metal decorative strip to form the bedroom background wall, the large area of the mirror is especially convenient to not only for makeup but also dress up. Bathroom, light color tie wall tile, white sanitary ware, metal trim strip, powder gray curtain with metal chandelier, the whole space permeates this neat, delicate atmosphere.