Jemo's new work was published in "Ruili Home Design"magazine
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The Unit A and the Unit C of prototype room in Jade Yufu designed thanks to the hard work of Jemo’s team were published in the October and November issues of "Ruili Home Design "magazine in 2019.

In this
new work, the designer used Barcel
ó Torre de Madrid (a very emblematic 5 star hotel) as the design background and reduced its key elements to essential. Through the combination of colors as coral red, gray green, dark green, gold and the choice of furniture and lamps, this unique design is fitted to become an ideal home environment.In a resident’s perspective, the space has been fully designed by paying more attention to the aesthetic layout as well as practical layout, so that they can enjoy comfort and an artistic atmosphere.

The mix of a simple western aesthetic and the discreet beauty of the East collide with each other, making the spatial visual effect unique.