The theme of this case is the feast. The minimalist space is full of Fairy Spirit, with the lovely romance of elves. To create the feeling of fairy feast, there will be a big long table in the space. The theme of girls is to have flower mirror lighting design, which can take photos and punch in, and the glittering light curve modeling, which is the feeling of elves and fairies. A large number of flower elements, totem elements, fairy wings, the feeling of flowers and entry-level design will also be extraordinary.

The different styles and natural curves of flower decoration make the whole space fashionable, romantic, natural and pure. The elves should take photos in the cave. It's very beautiful. It's kind of ethereal and full of aura. Other space designs are also very natural, including the treatment of detailed tables and chairs, side design, petal elements. Together with the elves, there should be petal white minimalism. Combined with the feeling of making some curves, the color will be made. It's more beautiful to take photos. Add French elements of flowers to fill the atmosphere of the whole restaurant, Romantic elegance~