The designer takes romantic French + simple pragmatism as the keynote of the whole home and outlines a comfortable and elegant living space. The dark green sofa background wall lights up the color of the whole space. The arched ceiling fills the home with a sense of ceremony. It reduces the sense of center of gravity of the space and stretches the overall visual effect. 

There is no exaggerated marble, no dazzling crystal lamp, but it can not erase the distinctive temperament of the space. The space layout adopts the most popular integration of guest dining and kitchen. Under the white elegance, it shows luxury and low-key. 

Pure, transparent, extreme, the concept of "less is more" is interpreted incisively and vividly. In the bedroom area, the designer wants the occupants of the space to have some relaxed and comfortable feeling. He hopes that only light can render the whole atmosphere. Get a very light and concise space and more sense of ceremony.