What is Feng Shui ?
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In Chinese, Feng means wind and Shui means water because wind scatters energy and water holds energy.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way that you arrange objects affects your success, health, and happiness. It requires the « flow of energies » called qi in Chinese (pronounced “chee”) to circulate well. For that to happened, the space must have a good balance of the 5 elements (water, fire, metal, earth and wood).

This technique that is thousands of years old, combining Chinese astrology with the shape, magnetic direction and age of structures. It has become a popular practice for Asians and non-Asians alike as Chinese influence on cultures worldwide has grown.

The flow of energy changes each year for a 60 year cycle because 12 Chinese astrological animals and an element (fire, earth, wind, water or air) are combined annually to determine energies and directions for that year. For instance, last year was Year of the Yin Earth Pig, which started on Feb. 5 and runs until Jan. 24, 2020.

Feng shui is determined by the home: structure’s shape, magnetic direction and factor in the year built and also by the client’s relationship to his with his or her gender and date of birth.”

Advices are given depending on each room because it each has a different energy.

For instance, here are a few tips quoted from Independent:

-The hall represents opportunities, therefore, ensure it is kept clutter free so that the energy can circulate; place coats and shoes inside a closed cupboard so they don’t stagnate the energy. Place fresh flowers in the hall because it will instantly uplift the energy of a space.

-The kitchen is a vital space as its energy represents nourishment and relationship harmony for the occupants. Ensure that you don’t place the sink and cooker opposite each other as that can lead to arguments between couples, as it creates a water and fire crash. The colours in the kitchen are also an important consideration – avoid too much black and red as that also causes a fire and water crash.

-To encourage a restful sleep the bedrooms must be a light neutral colour and the beds must have a headboard and be positioned with the headboard against a solid wall. Ideally, the bed must not be in line with the bedroom door. Place bedside tables either side of the bed to provide support. Place curvy lamps and lightly fragranced candles on the bedside table to introduce some romantic energy.

Also some elements might be interesting to consider:

-The presence of water who brings calm and calming

-Fresh flowers are cleansing and revitalizing

-Mirrors help stopping « bad energy »

-Pictures and images we love will favour a happy state of mind

But everything is about balance, water and flower rot, mirrors can create bad Feng Shui if hung in a bedroom …

In a nutshell, those advices seem like common sense. But Feng Shui is more than a way to design your space. It is also a philosophy of life. It means being in harmony with your environment, nature and therefore your mind. Are you ready to try it?



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